Lose that Bus!


Harvest Church in Fort Worth Goal to Lose 15,000 pounds!


You may know that the next book in the Setting Boundaries series releasing this summer is: Setting Boundaries with Food. So it was with great interest when I learned of the campaign my own church family is about to launch. Wouldn’t it be exciting if churches all around the country–the world–could join us on this exciting journey?  Think about it, pray about it, and check out the You Tube video below.

Harvest Church in Fort Worth, Texas Aims to Lose 15,000 Pounds!

Know how much a school bus weighs?  15,000 pounds.  Did you know the average American is 17 pounds overweight?  How does all of this fit together?

Lose That Bus is a competition of teams challenging each other to see which team can lose the most weight during the month of February.  For every pound lost, each team will donate one pound of canned goods to our Food Pantry and local Tarrant County food banks.  Once we Lose That Bus, we’re going to Stuff That Bus with 15,000 pounds of donated canned goods and deliver them to the people who need them most.

So, want to get in on the fun?  Have a few extra pounds to lose?  Want to help feed needy families in the Fort Worth area?  Visit Harvest Church in Fort Worth this Sunday to see how you can join the team and make a real difference.

If you don’t live nearby, please consider sharing this Lose That Bus concept with your friends and church family and follow our progress here on my Setting Boundaries Books blog during the month of February and at the Harvest Church Lose That Bus website where you can get healthy tips, track your weight loss success, and see lots of cool and downright hilarious You Tube video clips on what promises to be an exciting month!

Setting healthy boundaries comes in all shapes and sizes!