It’s never too late to set healthy boundaries and make choices that can transform your life.

It’s never too late to find SANITY in the insane situations and circumstances of life.

And it’s never too late to achieve the dreams of your heart.

Over 250,000 readers around the world have found hope, healing and encouragement in the Setting Boundaries® book series where I share my perspective on life as it relates to the boundary choices we make every day, choices that really can change the story of our life.

When we change ourselves, we can change a family, a generation, a community, and the legacy we leave behind.

When I made a U-Turn toward God as an adult in 1987, my life changed. With a desire to share the faith-filled hope and healing I was experiencing, I initially wrote God Allows U-Turns® as my life story—my testimony. However, the good Lord had other plans, and my first book became a global outreach dedicated to sharing true short stories from people around the world who were making bold, new direction choices, with God at the center of their lives—many who had overcome tremendous obstacles and triumphed over extreme adversity.

Encouraging people to make (and share) U-Turns toward God, thus changing lives, families, our community, and our world, has always meant a great deal to me. It’s the basis of the Great Commission. Although I’ve branched out into other areas of writing over the past few years, the God Allows U-Turns outreach has continued to hold a special place in my heart–and in the hearts of many readers and writers. Make sure to check out the official U-Turns Author Page to see the names of our contributors and to submit your entry to receive a free digital eBook version of the original volume.

The U-Turns mission was; “To celebrate and share how faith in God can transform a life,” and our guiding Scripture came from 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.”

I’ve devoted my life to sharing that truth, and I’ve developed my entire writing and speaking career on this foundation of faith. As a little girl growing up in the projects, I never dreamed I’d be where I am today. If you’ve read any of my books or heard me on radio or TV, you might remember my story.

I was born in Cleveland and raised by a single mother. I came of age during the 70’s, and at the age of 15, I quit school after the ninth grade, ran away from home and married a young man whose extreme physical abuse nearly ended my life. Divorced and a mother at the age of 16, and armed with only a GED, I set out on a life journey that can only be described as tumultuous. It took three decades of turmoil and addiction before I came to know the Lord, and I’m still overwhelmed that my testimony has been featured in national magazines and on radio and television programs around the world. Today, there are over a half-million copies of my 30+ books in print, and I’ve been blessed to work with many first-time authors to develop, edit, and ghostwrite their books as well.

All this from a ninth-grade drop-out.

I’m living a dream, and I’m so very thankful!

In addition to sharing the newest book in the Setting Boundaries® series, I’m excited to be able to infuse new life into the God Allows U-Turns outreach via this website and my blog. Setting healthy boundaries is a critical aspect in our personal life journey, and people around the world are making U-Turns and finding SANITY in formerly insane situations and circumstances. Over time, I’ll be rolling out new opportunities to share your true stories of God’s amazing grace, mercy, and love, giving you opportunities to share your Setting Boundaries story. Make sure to sign-up for the SANITY Support Newsletter and visit my blog for updates.

Remember, it’s never too late to make choices that will change your life, and it’s never too late to achieve the dreams of your heart. I’m passionate about helping my brothers and sisters find their purpose in life. I pray you’ll give me the opportunity to encourage you to make u-turns, set healthy boundaries, find sanity, and live the life God has called you to live.

God’s peace,

Did you know Allison was a former Wilhelmina Plus Size Model?

In the early 1980’s Allison helped forge the way for countless full-figure models as one of the first plus size models ever signed by the Wilhelmina Agency in Los Angeles. Working with Gloria Vanderbilt, Alfred Angelo and other top designers, she was the sole print model for Levi Straus, Pendleton Knitwear and Sasson Jeans. You can read more about this fascinating time in fashion history and in Allison’s life, in Setting Boundaries with Food, the 4th book in the Setting Boundaries® series from Harvest House Publishers.

Allison’s Professional Bio

Allison Bottke is a bestselling inspirational author and speaker. Her international outreach includes over 32+ published non-fiction and fiction books, including the acclaimed God Allows U-Turns compilation book series, the God Answers Prayers series, and the bestselling, award-winning Setting Boundaries series from Harvest House Publishers. Setting Boundaries with Food won the prestigious Selah Award for Best Book of the year in 2013. And book one in her current series, Setting Boundaries with your Adult Children, has hit #1 in the “Parenting” category several times, and is still being heralded as a landmark resource for parents and grandparents. The follow-up to that bestselling book released in 2019, How to Connect with Your Troubled Adult Children – Effective Strategies for Families in Pain.

A frequent guest on national radio and TV programs around the country, Allison has been featured on James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, the 700 Club, Guideposts Magazine, Praise the Lord, the Dr. Laura Show, Good Morning Texas,, and others. She has appeared on the covers of such national magazines as Writer’s Digest, BOND, The Christian Communicator, CWO, and O.H. Magazine.

Allison has also written three novels, all of which are being considered for adaptation into major motion pictures. Focused on baby boomer entrepreneurial women, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, One Little Secret, and A Stitch in Time and are hailed by critics as “Contemporary women’s fiction with an attitude.”

With a passion to assist people who long to experience the writing dreams of their hearts, Allison also works one-on-one with a limited number of writers every year. As a result of that, she has also edited, ghostwritten and collaborated on 10+ books in addition to her own extensive body of work, including Finding a Forever Family by Fox 11 News Anchor, Christine Devine, and the memoir Just a Little Girl by Dr. Victoria Sarvadi.

She has been on faculty at several national writing conferences, including Jerry B. Jenkins Writing for the Soul Conference, North Texas Christian Writers Conference, Seattle Pacific Writers Conference, Blue Ridge Writers Conference and many others.

Stay tuned to the launch of her new weekly Podcast: SANITY Support with Allison Bottke.

Watch Allison’s personal story as featured on “The 700 Club.”

About Allison’s Books

Over 500,000 books sold in a two decade-long publishing career including 250,000+ in the acclaimed Setting Boundaries series from Harvest House Publishers.