Discover how Allison Bottke maintains a 120 pound weight loss!

Setting Boundaries with Food – Six Steps to Lose Weight, Gain Freedom, and Take Back Your Life from Harvest House Publishers.

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Allison found that trendy diet and exercise programs didn’t work for her, but she didn’t let that stop her from finding the weight loss solution that did work for her. Neither should you.

In October of 2000 Allison had weight loss surgery (WLS) and has successfully maintained a 120-pound weight loss. Allison’s success changed her life and prepared her to become the best-selling author/editor behind the God Allows U-Turns anthology and the acclaimed Setting Boundaries series. Today, she has written and/or compiled over 26 books—all published by major Christian inspirational publishers.

However, Allison is quick to say that WLS wasn’t the key to losing weight or maintaining her 120 pound weight loss.

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Did you know Allison was one of the first plus-size models with the famous Wilhelmina Agency?

Read Obesity Help Magazine and visit for more information on gastric bypass weight loss surgery. Allison has been featured twice on the O.H. cover, in Issue 4 the fall of 2005 and again in the July/Aug 2008 issue.

About Allison’s Books

Over 500,000 books sold in a two decade-long publishing career including 250,000+ in the acclaimed Setting Boundaries series from Harvest House Publishers.