What the SANITY Support Blog is All About

As the author of the Setting Boundaries ™ book series, a day seldom goes by when I don’t hear from someone who has read one of my books or has heard me interviewed on a radio talk show or television program.

 Folks contact me for several reasons:

  • To share their Setting Boundaries success stories
  • To learn more about the 6-Steps to SANITY, or about setting boundaries in general
  • To ask my advice in dealing with their challenging adult children, difficult people, or toxic parents
  • To inquire about starting a SANITY Support group in their home, church, or community
  • To find out where they can get my books
  • Because someone referred them to my books, website, or blog
  • To cry out for help in desperate situations concerning their adult sons, daughters, and/or grandchildren

Why have you stopped by today?

It’s exciting to hear from readers who have found SANITY and are experiencing life-changing transformation in their relationships. On the other hand, it’s often heart breaking to hear from so many people who have reached the end of their rope and are crying out for help—especially concerning relationships with their adult children.

I want to hug each one of you and let you know that you’re not alone.

  • If you are searching for hope and healing today, my prayer is that you will find it when you find SANITY Support, and that you’ll allow me and our growing blogging community to help on your journey.
  • If you know someone who desperately needs to set healthy boundaries and are looking for resources to share with them, God bless you for caring.

Who will find the SANITY Support blog helpful?

1. Parents and Grandparents who have challenging relationships w/ adult children

2. Adult children who have challenging relationships w/ toxic parents

3. Anyone who has challenging relationships with difficult people

4. Men and women readers who desire to set healthy boundaries and live a more sane life

5. Anyone living with the insanity of drama, chaos, crisis, and stress because of the poor choices someone else is making (i.e. drugs, alcohol, unemployment, crime, etc.)

6. People who have weight issues and need to set boundaries w/ food

7. Anyone who has had or is considering WLS (weight loss surgery)

8. Stressed out people looking for hope, healing and SANITY

God will always make a way when there seems to be no way, and it’s no accident you are reading this now. Stay strong, faithful and focused as you travel the journey to set healthy boundaries and find SANITY in your life.

You’ll often hear me say that the choices we make can change the story of our life.

Some of the boundary setting choices we face will be life changing. Yet it’s not just about the monumental choices we make that dramatically change the course of our life, but the individual choices we make in the everyday moments of life as well. Combined they make us who we are, a rich tapestry of experience woven together with choice.

Thank you for making the choice to visit my blog and I hope you’ll make the choice to return and participate in our community by sharing your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and insight via the comment sections after each posting. Please subscribe to the RSS blog feed on the right side of your screen, and feel free to share this link with friends and family.

What primary issues will the SANITY Support blog address?

The enabling of adult children is an epidemic issue in our society. Parents and grandparents around the country are dealing with situations that range from adult kids who simply cannot “launch,” to adult kids who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, have been in and out of rehabilitation centers, jail, and/or prison, and whose lives create an ongoing source of drama, chaos and crisis for the entire family.

Typically, these parents and grandparents have reached the end of their rope emotionally, financially, and spiritually, and are in desperate need of “sanity” in an “insane situation.” They are looking for guidance and reassurance to make choices that will change their lives (and hopefully the lives of their loved ones).

However, it’s not just about setting boundaries with adult children. More and more people are finding increasing challenges in their relationships with “Difficult People.” This could be a spouse or ex-spouse, siblings or other relatives, in-laws, neighbors, bosses and co-workers, church members, and the list goes on.

Setting boundaries and finding SANITY is quite literally for everyone who wants healthier and happier relationships.

Once again, welcome to the SANITY Support blog, I look forward to communicating with you as we strive to set healthy boundaries in all of our relationships and bring glory and honor to God.

Blessings and God’s peace,