Prayer, Praise, Scripture, and SANITY Support


Dear Ms. Bottke: This is to thank you for writing Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children.  I discovered the book on, in a recent desperate search for help when my wife and I were in yet another crises situation with our adult son.  While severe and stressful to us, our situation pales in comparison to your personal experience, and the many heartbreaking examples in your book.

Still, with the newfound knowledge obtained from reading your book, the help of a very competent and caring counselor, and the support from each other, we managed our way through.  It wasn’t easy; but, as your book informs, it was necessary if we were going to stop stunting our son’s growth as an adult and take our own lives back.

There are many excellent points in your book.  For us, two key points led the list.  First, we needed to accept responsibility for our own actions by acknowledging the poor parenting decisions we had made, and apologize to our son for that, which we have done.  We started with your sample script (p.94) and made it our own in a letter to our son.  Second, we need to accept our son for who he is, while stopping our enabling behavior.  Again, that is not easy.  But, as you point out, our prayer is that in the course of our new journey, our son will find his way as well; and, that we all will live our lives in peace and happiness.

With the help of your book, our counselor, each other, and God – yes there was and continues to be a great deal of prayer – we have stopped our enabling behavior while, thankfully, maintaining a strong, loving relationship with our son. God bless you, L.D.

Thank you, LD for sharing your letter with us!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? As you walk the journey to set healthy boundaries and find SANITY, what are you thankful for on this Thankful Thursday? Please share your thoughts, including praise reports and prayer requests using the comment section below.