In February of 2013, Mary DeMuth wrote a blog post that touched a nerve in readers around the world. Her post, “The Sexy Wife I Can’t Be,” went viral and sparked an outpouring of comments and responses. The post was based on her experience and perspective of being sexually abused as a little girl—of having her boundaries violated in a way that changed the course of her entire life. This post has become the foundation of a powerful new book by Mary titled: Not Marked.

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Mary says…

I wrote Not Marked because it’s the book I needed to read (and I believe it’s a book many need to read).

I did find solace in a counseling-based book, but since it hadn’t been written from an abuse-victim’s perspective, I had a hard time believing the tools shared would help. I asked for a lot of prayer. I went to counseling. I read anything that pertained to healing from sexual abuse, but to be honest, I often felt utterly alone. I believed no one understood. I kept wanting to GET OVER IT, but couldn’t.

Not Marked is the book I was created to write. It’s tearing back the curtain from my healing journey–the good, the bad, the frustrating, the victorious. It explores the multifaceted way we get well–spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally. It gives practical guidance, mixed with story and hope.

I sit here writing this as an unmarked girl, one who has healed so beautifully from the past that many don’t even know I walked that trail of tears

And yet, I still ache…not as much for me and that abused little girl, but for YOU.

I want to see you find raucous, wild healing, to be set free from what has marked you. I want you to hold this book in your hands, read the message of hope, and then start down your own freedom path.

Not Marked will release in January 2014


As someone who has survived early childhood abuse and extreme domestic violence, I believe there is a common boundary-related issue that keeps many women in debilitating bondage to poor choices, chaotic emotions, and ineffectiveness.

The issue of violated boundaries—physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, mental, or spiritual—plays a significant part in the lives of many women who struggle to understand and set boundaries. For these women, the first step in setting healthy boundaries will be to address issues of violated boundaries.

Violated boundaries keep us from living the lives God intended for us and from being the people God designed us to be. We must change our perspective on the pain from our past. There are no accidents in God’s kingdom.

But how do we find hope, healing and happiness?

Join Mary DeMuth and me this Wednesday, October 9 from 7-8 (CST) as we talk candidly about a topic that has changed the lives of countless women.

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