Kim Shelton

Kim Shelton

Bastrop, TX

“I received this book 3 days ago. I read it in two nights. I plan to re-read it often. It is our family story and I wish I had read it 10 years ago. It is relevant, on-point and written out of love. I highly recommend it.”

William Oates

Dauphin, PA

“I needed this book 30 years ago. It gives a wonderful but sad explanation of how many, many times I enabled my son to get everything he needed in the drug-addicted world he lived in, and still does today, at 40 years of age. I have lived almost every page of Allison’s book.”

Martina Espinoza

Temple City, CA

“This book was a godsend!!! I really think that every parent of a child (and grandparents) should read this book because if you wait until they are teenagers, it could be too late. This book was an inspiration and a life changer. God Bless Allison Bottke. I really feel for what she and so many others go through.”

Lisa Cavitt

Du Quoin, IL

“LOVED IT! I read the book in 2 days, then passed it on to my husband. One of the stories fit us to a T, Would highly recommend BEFORE you come to the end of your rope with your prodigal”

Katrina Steenstra

Shelby Twp, MI

“This book is a Godsend for anyone struggling with the pain of a child who is akin to “the prodigal son”. It gave me hope and encouragement to read Allison’s story of her son. And to know that those of us who have loved someone with issues of addiction are not alone. Great book and I highly recommend it.”

Kathy Vendegna

Grand Junction, CO

“If you have felt alone in your pain and struggle with your adult children, if you have guilt over past mistakes in raising your adult child, if everything in your life is on hold because you don’ t know what your adult child will do next, this book is for you!!!!! I cannot explain how valuable the information in this book is. Don’ t wait another minute. Hope is ahead. The only thing you may want to do is order extra for anyone you know who is in the same position.”

Linda Prier

Owasso, OK

“This was the best book I’ ve read on the subject and am anxious to give it a try. Nothing else has worked. The SANITY program makes a great deal of sense.”

Jennifer Levey

Oakland, CA

“I loved this book! It gave me the resources and strength that I need to set boundaries for my son. I feel empowered, and appreciated the stories in the book that I could relate to.”

Carol Evans

Ypsilanti, MI

“I ordered one book for myself and one for my sister. This is an excellent book if you, as parents, are in this situation with your adult child.”

Carol Carpenter

Mount Vernon, OH

“This book helps parents of adult children see their own part in their child’ s struggles and makes it clear that until we parents change our bad habits of enabling our adult child, they will never grow up. That message alone made us sit up and take notice. The book also gives real life situations that those of us going through similar things can relate to. We also like the step-by-step plan for changing the bad habits with our child and setting boundaries with consequences. The Biblical and spiritual references give such hope for facing our heartbreaking situations. We highlighted many points and phrases that gave clarity to how we were enabling our child. We highly recommend this book to parents struggling with their adult child.”

Susan Henry

Burlington, IA

“I have been validated by reading this. I put this into practice 1 1/2 years ago with my son. He is 41. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. Yes, I miss him, but I will no longer enable him. I feel so much less stress and have more energy than I had before. All this is tied in to taking care of me and not feeling guilty about doing so.”

Beverly Koch

Rochester Hills, MI

“Awesome book. I am still working on dealing with my adult child who refuses to assume responsibility for herself. The sad part is that she has two twenty something’ s that have the same problem!!!!! I will continue to read and work on the situation.”

Tammy Cornwell

Vale, NC

“I ordered 2 of these books after hearing the author on Focus on the Family. One for my sister who is struggling with her adult son and one for a lady at church whose son has hurt her beyond measure. I thank God I am not experiencing this type of struggle but I feel this book will be perfect for those who are.”

Kathleen Kesinger

Humble, TX

I very much appreciated this candid approach to dealing with letting go of grown children and allowing them to handle the consequences of their choices without rushing in to rescue them. As parents, we all know that at some point, we have to let them live their own lives, but it’ s very hard when we see them making major mistakes. We tell ourselves that we just want to help them get on their feet, and then we’ ll back off. The author shows us that what we think is helping is actually enabling, and she gives us the confidence to back off and allow God to deal with them. It showed me that I needed to actually trust God to take care of my children and quit trying to help Him out. It also reminded me of something I already knew – sometimes He has to knock us down before we will look up, and He really does know how to handle every situation.”

Home Improvement Ministries

Saint Francis, MN

“This book is excellent and I would highly recommend it to everyone. I found the information enlightening and very helpful. The author does not “sugar-coat” the issues, pain and the struggles that will occur as you put her recommendations into place. The author provides very solid steps to help deal with the issues and put a plan into place to help you accomplish your goals.”