Join me this Sunday night LIVE on Cradle My Heart from 8-9 PM (CST) when I talk on-air with Kim Ketola.

Every Sunday evening at 8 CT/9 ET, Cradle My Heart connects you with those who can help after abortion, while upholding the cause of life.

Cradle My Heart Radio is a safe space for healing the pain of child loss through abortion, which has impacted one-third of women in America. Here you’ll find a friend in faith who will listen, understand and care. The program follows host Kim Ketola’s award-winning book, Cradle My HeartFinding God’s Love After Abortiona culmination of years of studying God’s Word and listening to our stories of redemption and true hope. Please give yourself the gift of taking the time to read for yourself the reality of spiritual healing which can be yours. And tune in to connect with a network of effective outreach efforts and feature interviews spotlighting those offering help, and as we talk with listeners like you. It’s radio designed to answer the many spiritual questions raised by the abortion choice.