We can set boundaries and not be rude!

As we strive to set healthy boundaries in our lives and to reflect the character of Christ in all that we do, it’s important to understand what the Bible teaches us about HONOR. Pastor Chuck Angel recently completed a three-part series at Harvest Church in Fort Worth, Texas called: BRINGING HONOR BACK. All three messages are available online and well worth listening to.

Bringing Honor Back: Teaching People How To Act 
USA Today reported recently on the immediate and long term affect of social media on culture. One of their conclusions was that social media like blogs, facebook, twitter and even email and texting is contributing to the rapid degeneration of cultural courtesy. The article stated: “There is a coarsening of the culture b people who are now willing to say things to each other that a decade ago could not nor would not say in a face to face dialogue.” The report cited research revealing that feel increasingly comfortable in being direct, short and even rude with others. And the article concluded, “We are fast becoming a culture of dishonor.”

I think you’ll find Pastor Chuck’s advice invaluable regarding this important topic. Oh, and the opening rap music video was created by the talented Media Team at Harvest Church, featuring members and friends. Don’t miss it. And let me know what you think, okay? Of the series and the song.

God bless and keep you.