Setting Boundaries with FoodI was unable to attend the gala awards banquet last evening at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference held at the beautiful Ridgecrest Conference Center in South Carolina. But I was watching the program LIVE from a hotel room via an exceptional high quality online Internet stream provided by Lifeway and Crossway Books. Conference Director Alton Gansky and Contest Director Eva Marie Everson did a spectacular job MC’ing the event.

Words cannot describe the awe and honor I felt as I heard that Setting Boundaries with Food had won the Selah First Place award in the Christian Living category. And when it was also named as the 2013 Selah Book of the Year, I was sitting in my hotel room crying and thanking God for this incredible honor.

I’ll be heading out of my hotel in a few minutes to go to the Family Talk studio here in Colorado Springs for an interview with Dr. James Dobson and Ryan Dobson, and I’m excited to be able to share this 2013 Selah Award news with them, as we’re talking about this very book today!

God has such an incredible way of orchestrating His plans and purpose and as we all strive to set healthy boundaries and maintain SANITY in our lives let’s never forget to give Him all of the honor and glory for everything in life…even the challenging times …because there is a far greater purpose for the journey we walk than we could ever imagine as we’re walking it.

When He placed the SANITY message on my heart so many years ago, I had no idea the plans He had for the outreach. None of us can know what is in His heart, all we can do is trust in Him, have faith that He is in control, and walk obediently in His will and Word.

Thank you, readers, for your support, encouragement and prayers.

Allison Bottke