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Empty Notebook and PenAre you someone with an idea, a ministry, a vision, a dream? Someone who is often told, “You should write a book about that!” Are you someone who is ready to make that dream a reality? If so, I’d love to help you. With well over a decade of experience working full time in the Christian publishing field, I’ve enjoyed teaching, encouraging and empowering many amazingly talented men and women over the course of my writing and speaking career.


I’ve met many of you while serving on the Faculty of writer’s conferences around the country, including the Jerry Jenkins Writing for the Soul Conference, Roaring Lambs Christian Writers Conference, Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference, Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, Glorietta Christian Writers Conference, Write to Publish, Seattle Pacific Christian Writers Conference, the North Texas Christian Writers Conference , and more.


Freelance Editing and Private Consulting

I love to work with folks who have a story to tell. That’s why I work privately with a limited number of people who are serious about doing what it takes to write a book or need help to structure big picture ideas to obtain more focus and organize their thoughts and concepts. Although I love to encourage writers in the “craft” of writing, I am not a writing coach.

As the writer of the popular Setting Boundaries book series with Harvest House Publishers, I’m usually on deadline for my next book or promoting my current one. However, over the past several years I have also been blessed with the opportunity to help many talented individuals in the areas of;

  • Thematic Structure Development
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Developmental/Substantive Editing
  • Ghostwriting

My specialty is creative non-fiction, particularly Inspirational Living and Memoir.

We can start from scratch or work with your full or partial non-fiction manuscript. My fee is based on several factors, and all project quotes are developed individually.

I’d love to help you get closer to achieving your writing and publishing goals. Remember—it’s never too late to achieve the dreams of your heart. Let’s get started now!

STEP ONE: Introduce yourself via email and tell me a little about you, your project, and your goals. If someone has referred you, please let me know their name.

That’s it! We’ll go from there. Contact me here: VIP@AllisonBottke.com

Thank you in advance for your patience, I’m not a daily email checker (especially as a deadline approaches) but I do promise to respond. Please let me know if your project is under specific time constraints, okay?

As I work with only two or three private clients a year, my schedule can sometimes be challenging. However, I firmly believe God is in control and my prayer is to always follow His will. I’ve watched Him orchestrate some amazing projects over the years, and perhaps yours will be one of those.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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“I have often paraphrased the Apostle Paul when I speak to writers about marketing, declaring, “Follow Allison as she follows the Lord.” As one of the leading Christian voices today, Allison Bottke has taken seriously the biblical admonition to be “excellent in what is good…” (Romans 16:19a). As an author, speaker, and marketing expert, Allison has been a trailblazer in Christian media for more than a decade. Following her lead and learning from her wealth of experience may be one of the best decisions you could make in your ministry and career.” — Craig von Buseck, Ministries Director, CBN.com, Author of NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men



Allison and Suellen Roberts 6/10/10

“My experience with Allison Bottke was the turning point for me in writing my book. She is one of the most creative and talented women I know. Her ability to translate that creativity to my book project was phenomenal. She creatively organized my concept into a dynamic book proposal that has given me incredible focus. If you’re serious about seeing results in your life as a writer, spend a few hours with Allison. She can take an idea and turn it into an amazing story.” – Suellen Roberts, Founder & President, Women in Christian Media


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“Allison Bottke lit a fire under me in a year when my business was just starting to take off — and just starting to spin out of control. Allison helped me see that success was going to kill me unless I got things organized. She motivated me and showed me how to clean up my office, hire an accountant, create a vision for my company, and start acting like a pro instead of an amateur. Allison, I can’t thank you enough for making me clean up my act!”

– Randy Ingermanson, Publisher, Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT PRIVATE CONSULTING REGARDING THE NEED TO SET BOUNDARIES. Visit the Setting Boundaries website for information on Setting Boundaries and Finding SANITY.