allison’s weight loss surgery

Before weight loss surgery in October of 2000. I weighed 280 pounds in this photo.

Allison lost 120 pounds with Gastric Bypass Surgery. Discover the secrets of weight loss surgery from one who has been through it. Her E-Book, The TRUTH About Weight Loss Surgery, will walk you through all the questions, roadblocks, and obstacles that stand between you and a brand-new, slimmer body.

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Surgery day! October 10, 2000. I was 45 years old and weighed 280 pounds.

Before weight loss surgery I was 280 pounds.

One year after weight loss surgery, I was down to 160 pounds. A total weight loss of 120 pounds! I've kept it off for ten years.

One of the best resources you’ll ever find for traveling the weight loss surgery journey is OBESITY HELP MAGAZINE. I’ve been blessed to be featured as a cover story in two issues, and I had a monthly book review column for quite some time.