allison the former plus-size model

Many of you may recognize Allison as one of the country’s first full-figure fashion models. Signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina Agency in the early 1980’s, she was introduced to the public first with her association with BBW Magazine (Big Beautiful Woman) and then working with such designers as Gloria Vanderbilt and Alfred Angelo as the model they personally chose to introduce their plus size clothing lines on daytime television programs and in commercials. As the sole full-figure print model for Levi-Strauss, Pendleton Knitwear, Teddy of California, Sasson Jeans and many others, her photographs appeared in print media both nationally and internationally for years.

Levi-Strauss Pendleton Knitwear Sasson Jeans

An international entertainment company optioned the rights to her life story for a made-for-television movie, a life story you may recognize from Allison’s writing and public appearances over the years. In fact, it is her personal life-changing testimony that opened the door for The GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS Project to be born.