New Setting Boundaries Books Website and Blog Launches

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Say good-bye to Allison’s blog

and hello to SANITY Support!

Setting Boundaries and Finding SANITYThis will be the last blog post on my Allison Bottke website. Please join me twice a week on the new SANITY Support blog at the Setting Boundaries Books website where hope, healing, and freedom is possible and SANITY is making a comeback!

19 Responses to “New Setting Boundaries Books Website and Blog Launches”

  1. Lynn Greenwall says:

    Just ordered your book & can’t wait to read it. I am struggling with an adult (32 yr old) stepson who has been in & out of our home, lost multiple jobs, estranged from his wife & children & not working now. My husband and I don’t agree on the fact that we are in a cycle of enabling… Hpoing your book will help me get a grip on this. It’s definately affecting my relationship with my husband.

  2. Sandra F Branstiter says:

    My husband is pastor of Recovery Worship in Fargo, ND. I was at Lost and Found Ministry in Moorhead and noticed a new book that the addiction library had acquired. A friend was struggling with her adult son and I suggested she read this book as I had started it and thought it would be helpful. Two weeks later, my friend was so thankful that I had connected the book with her. We have a small bookstore in our church and I ordered four copies to be available for those who attend and are living in a 12 step program. I told them this past Sunday that if they are parents of an adult child, they need to read this book. If you are a grandparent with grandkids, you need to read this book. If you are the friend of an addict, you need to read this book. “Have I covered all the bases?” You need to read this book. Sold two right after church. My husband has downloaded the book. Having just read the intro, he was amazed at how powerful the story is that you have shared. We have so many hurting families not wanting their kids to go through what they did and who keep putting a mattress underneath just as they are about to hit the bottom. Thank you for your honesty, your sharing of the hurt as a parent and the hope you give everyone. I can hardly wait to get started on the boundaries with difficult people. Blessings.

  3. Dear Sandra:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Writing that book was something the Lord placed heavily on my heart, and it’s amazing to watch His hand at work as it continues to gain an audience…especially via word-of-mouth from people like you and your husband. As we speak, I’m putting the finishing touches on the workbook for the 12-week support group program associated with the book, perhaps RW would consider offering a 12-week session…there is such a need. We will also have a Leader Guide that makes it really easy for anyone to facilitate a SANITY Support Group. This message from you came in via my personal website and blog, I’m wondering if you’ve been to the Setting Boundaries website? If you could sign up for the newsletter and post on the SB blog we can make sure you will get the announcement early next month when the new materials are ready. There will also be other resources available on the website to help folks find SANITY in the many challenging relationships we have because it seems to be so hard for Christians to set healthy boundaries. 🙂 I’m rambling….would love to ramble more over on the Setting Boundaries blog….hope to talk again with you soon. Thanks for taking the time to reach out…God bless you and Recovery Worship and Lost and Found Ministry.

  4. Dear Lynn:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the challenges you are experiencing….alas this is not unusual in blended families. I’m just completing the final revision of the workbook study guide for a 12-week SANITY Support group to help set healthy boundaries with our adult children, and I specifically address this issue. Could I ask you to please visit the setting boundaries website and make sure to sign up for our newsletter and if possible lets chat on that blog (this is the blog for my personal website and I’m afraid I’m not as diligent getting over here to check it….) Let’s talk soon….

  5. I would like to see if there are any sanity groups in the cleveland, ohio area or how I can start one. Your book has really enlightened me. What really inspired me is the use of scriptures. I am just beginning to read scriptures and I am joining a bible study group. I also have a son who is 32 and a drug addict. Stoled most of my money. I kept enabling him because of my grandsons. His wife in jail for an altogether different issue but I believe her living with an addict caused her to go into a fantasy world. My son claims to be 80 days sober, not sure if I believe him. I did cut off money. I did make him leave my house. Hardest thing I did because of grandsons. They are living with his wifes sister. Everyday I have to keep saying Let go Let God. Somedays are harder than others.

  6. I had my last name on the blog can you remove it please

  7. I would like to start a sanity group in my area. Where can I order supplies?

  8. Im a facillitator of a 6 steps to sanity group, at my church. On avg we have 15 parents attending. This is my 3rd 12 week study, and I would appreciate a workbook. Ive outlined each chapter, and made up questions. I could use a study guide. Thanks Becky Denmead

  9. Hello Ms. Allison,

    I received a wonderful story from one of yahoo groups severla weeks ago, but it was incomplete. The story was “My New York Angel” and it was written by: Allison Gapp Bottke. I am not sure if you are the one who wrote it or not. If you are the one, please send me the complete story to read and to send you my comment. Here is my email address:

    Best regards,
    Hamza Balol
    Saudi Arabia

  10. Please tell me if there is any sanity support group in cincinnati ohio? You can contact me at Thanks.

  11. Are there any sanity support groups in Rochester, Minnesota? Thank you.

  12. I’m sorry, but we no longer have the ability to track where SANITY Support Groups are meeting. Perhaps you would consider starting one in your area? Our Leader Guide makes it easy. Blessing on your journey to SANITY.

  13. Eileen Norris says:

    Please let me know where I can purchase the Sanity Support Study Guide to go along with Setting Boundaries with your Adult Children. We have about 20 folks meeting regularly for Sanity Support. Thank you kindly, E. Norris

  14. Eileen: Did you visit the website for my books?

  15. I cannot find the link to Sanity support-group website? thank you

  16. I felt my son and myself hopeless and helpless until I found your book. I got a lot of good advises. I started to set boundaries. But don’t know if I am doing the right thing. My son is 21. He dropped out of college at 19 years old making us throwing away a lot of money. Started smoking pot after that and got hooked. He went back to college last fall and got high almost every night. Not until we told him that we won’t allow him to come back home and we will stop any financial support if he is not clean this Summer that he stopped smoking. But he also was withdrawn from college, came back home, sleeping most of the day and doing nothing and caring for nobody. However, he still plans to go back to school this fall and expecting us to pay his college bills. Should we pay for it?

  17. Monica Lundberg says:

    Allison, I got your book, along with a few others on codependency, and read and digested them all. I then, finally, after many years of sleepless nights over my adult daughters drinking, had the courage and wisdom to make some changes. First I had to apologize to her for stealing her chances for maturity in some areas, and laid out my plan from then on. She violated all of them, and reaped the consequences and she actually understood, and then we had to ask her to leave our home. We pray every day for her deliverance, and continue to keep the lines of communication open, but only when she is sober. Thank you so much for sharing this book, it has made a huge difference in my life.

  18. Charmaine says:

    Please could you contact me at the above email address as I would like to start a support group in South Africa.

    Kind regards Charmaine

  19. please contact me with regards to starting a group in South Africa.

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