Setting Boundaries with Difficult People

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5 Responses to “Setting Boundaries with Difficult People”

  1. I had to comment and tell you that my husband and I have been in the middle of so much turmoil attempting to deal with my mother-in-law and very difficult sister-in-law. I have been praying for guidance after being buffeted and hurt for years. Yesterday was a particulary bad day, having been in the ER with my ill and vomiting 17 year old and receiving an email message from sis-in-law that brought me to tears. Later that day when I went to Walgreen’s to put in my son’s prescription, my eye was drawn to a display of inspiration books, and your’s was standing out like a beacon! haha…I jumped on it like a monkey on a cupcake (as Ray Barone would say). I have been devouring it and have seen myself in it from the very first page. The answers are unfolding and I am seeing that it really is ok to set those boundaries. I have been under the false belief that as a Christian I shouldn’t say no and should allow the kind of abuse my in-laws have been laying on me for years…or let’s just say I felt guilty about being upset about it. What was I thinking?! Thank you so much for the much-needed guidance.
    PS-What’s the difference between inlaws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted….hehe….Thanks again!

  2. A way to cope with anxiety problems 🙂

  3. Sheila Ward says:

    Help! I am 54 years old with a 32 year old daughter and
    a 14 year old grandson and a 8 year old granddaughter. They all live with me. My daughter is expecting another child in July. I can’t take anymore. I have been telling my daughter for years to move out and get her own place. She has no job. She receives welfare. Both kids have adhd. I feel like walking out and starting my life over in a new place. When the baby comes,things will be worst. She needs to be more responsible with the two that she has. I am tire of talking and arguing. I am ready to walk out. There is too much drama with them all. I have no peace in my own home. Everyone has a problem.

  4. I have a 24 year old daughter with bi polar disorder. She takes medication. She is moving back into my home after an unsuccessful year of living on her own. She is a believer. Would one of your books be better than another to help us cope with this situation? We definitely need to set boundaries but don’t know if they’d be different than for an adult child that doesn’t have mental illness.

    Thanx for your consideration.

  5. We are reaching crisis point with our 38 yr old daughter. We used to be so close but her partner is very obstructive and anti-social – it is forcing us to put up boundaries which are difficult as a small grandchild is involved. We don’t want to lose contact with the little one but we find them visiting us and staying for Xmas and other times very stressful. They never offer to help and just expect to be served as their right.

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